Saturday, May 15, 2010

19 things i like about the duggar family.

during my spiritual journey these past couple of weeks, it was revealed to me that one of the things preventing me from continuing up my spiritual ladder to the position i should be in is the fact that i am not humble enough. so i pondered this dilemma of mine, mainly because i'm not exactly sure if i understand the definition of humilty. after spending much time looking up acts of humility and lessons on humility taught by Jesus Christ, i sort of kind of grasp the idea of humility better, and after much prayer and talking with the Father, i even see in myself where i do indeed need to become a more humble person. and i have been striving diligently over these past few days to become more humble.
it "just so happens" that i've also been watching more television lately. i am not sure if this stems from my search for humility in a world that's not so humble *and what better place to see how unhumble the world is than tv?*, or if it stems from the fact that i haven't been feeling my greatest *more on that later*...but whatever the case may be, i have found myself to be this learning-to-be-humble couch potato.
so while flipping haphazardly through the television stations at 3am four nights ago, i came across the television show on tlc "19 and counting", the reality show about jim bob and michelle duggar, a married couple with 19 children. i watched the show mainly because it piqued my curiosity, and i didn't think much of it...they seemed like an ok enough couple and that was it.
it "just so happens" *it's amazing how God works*, that the next day, i caught myself watching not one, but another two episodes of 19 an counting, and this time i had more time and inclination to actually pay this family attention.
and i came to the startling conclusion that i actually admire the duggars very much, and how i am becoming more humble by forming my own opinions of people and situations instead of relying on the opinions of others and the media to shape mine for me.
so, because i actually like the duggars that much, despite some of the not-so-nice things i've read about them, i've decided to make a like of 19 things that i really admire about the duggars, just from what little i know about them *and trust me, i will be watching them daily now*:
1. they have home church, and do not attend "formal" church services *more on that another day*.
2. their children play instruments.
3. their children are very well disciplined.
4. their house is very clean.
5. jim bob and michelle clearly love each other.
6. their ideals are in alignment with each others, and none of them "force" themselves on anyone else, they are who they are and it works out beautifully.
7. they do alot of community work.
8. michelle homeschools all of her children, and makes it look easy.
9. they eat pretty healthy foods, for the most part.
10. they have 5 acres of farmland.
11. before they became "famous", their family was well in tact and in order, despite jim bob making an average salary and michelle not working.
12. michelle is a sahm *woohoo!*
13. their children are actually cute.
14. they stick to their belief systems, no matter what others think or say.
15. they have never used welfare to support their children *not that i am against welfare, more on that another day*
16. michelle still has a great shape to have delivered 19 children.
17. they utilize technology PROPERLY...for education, not recreation.
18. they utilize the knowledge of the people they meet.
19. they live a relatively simple life, without the clutter of too much modernism.
it's already humbling to see how my own mindset is formed when i don't allow others to infiltrate my thoughts *i was surprised at how much i allow that*, how much in common i have with other people, to recognize that i'm not above or below anyone, and to realize just how much alike people really are.

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