Friday, January 30, 2009

ok, so what's the problem?

ok. now i'm not into politics or whatever, but these rethuglicans (as field calls them) are just about getting on my nerves.

tonight they are reporting on a woman who has 6 children and just gave birth to 8 more. they are making it seem as if this woman wasn't in her right mind when she did this, as if there's something wrong with her, and they have the nerve to also say that because of situations like hers (which there aren't many but i digress), invitro fertilization needs to be more "properly monitored". they also said that the clinic that was in charge of the process was irresponsible and basically needed to be shut down for their practices.

now, what i want to know is...why is this suddenly becoming an issue? also, who told the rethugs that she had invitro fertilization? it wasn't confirmed the last i checked. i'm not saying she didn't, but they are reporting these so called "facts" without even knowing the facts on a factual basis.

it wasn't an issue when jon and kate decided to have their eight and turn it into a tv show. this couple has admitted to using their children as a way to earn money and get a free ride through life, and they've basically been living off of freebies since they had them.

there are tons of folk who seem to be pushing out children at the speed of light--read about them here. and i am sure that many of these nice families have children already.

so hmm. what exactly is the problem? this lady has 6 children, and now had 8 more. well obviously 6 plus 8 is 14, but hey...when Jim and Michelle Duggar came to the spotlight with their then 14 children, everyone thought the story was endearing and cute, with Michelle giving them all names that begin with the letter j. and uh, the last time i checked--14 still equals 14. and that woman was still pushing them out like a champion because she just birthed baby number 18 last month.

now we get to this iranian woman who decided to have 14 children and it's this huge "ethical" debate. nevermind the fact that the grandfather is very wealthy, and these people have money and a larger home that the media is not aware of. the government is not caring for these children, and they all are healthy, so what's the problem? i love it how when anyone who is of color does something, it's such an issue...but when white people do the same thing, it's endearing and perfectly acceptable. if you flip through the african american multiple births, you will notice how they recieved way less corporate and donated help than their european counterparts for the same number of children and the same issues and hardships.

but i digress there as well.

the ironic part of this story is that this woman has had seemingly the healthiest multiple pregnancy, labor and delivery ever recorded. not only that, but her heaviest child was a whopping 3 pounds. not a small baby at all to have been sharing space with 7 brothers and sisters. not only that, but they all are breathing on their own.

she is the first octuplet mother in the USA to have all of her babies survive.

so it sounds to me as if she's doing pretty good, not at all like the rethuglicans are saying.

now i'm the last person that wants to make everything into a race issue, as we have enough folk in the world that do that on their own perfectly fine...but really...this just seems to be so black and white it's ridiculous.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

as a sidenote.

i am loving my new president. *sigh* mr. obama is restoring my faith in government already. even my hubby is really loving him. he said, "a new year, a new president, a new chance!"

i wholeheartedly agree.

i am feeling much better already, since my new president is in office. =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

a rough day today.

last night after i climbed into the bed, i felt a slight pain in my left shoulder. i shrugged it off to an upset stomach and probably some air that moved to my arm from my digestive tract (however that happens).

this morning i woke up in a sour mood, with my heart fluttering. i had that anxious-y high blood pressure-ish feeling too. i ate a turkey sandwich and had some orange juice. i was still hungry so i had a waffle and two slices of bacon and more juice. i looked at the picture of barack and michelle obama on the new issue of ebony and i wanted to cry. i don't know if it's because they looked happy, or if it's because my period is due, or what...but i flipped the magazine around so the back cover faced up instead of the front. the noise the girls were making and the look of the house made me upset. last night the house was in the same condition and it looked fine. today it looks like a wreck, even though it's still in the same condition it was last night. so that upset me. i made the girls clean their horrid room and the kitchen, and then i came upstairs to window shop for myself since i decided i would splurge just a little this income tax return.

i don't know why, but the window shopping (for everything from shoes to intimate apparel) just turned my whole mood sour. i was looking through things and i became so indecisive, and then i was trying to measure parts of my body for some stuff i wanted to order offline, and nothing made sense in the way of measurements or sizes. two sites were saying that i would need a 5x in some items. uhm hello, i wear a size 16, not a 22. why would i need a 5x? even when i went to fredericks it said i would wear a bigger bra size than i know i wear for them, because i just brought two bras from them not in that size and they fit perfectly (i had the lady in the store measure me and she got it right on the money). so me not being able to measure myself properly, pick out things i liked, and afford everything i liked made my shopping experience bad. i got really flustered and upset over nothing. then my hubby called, and right in the middle of the conversation i burst out crying. he called me up in a joking mood, and i just didn't want to joke. he didn't say anything bad in the way of jokes, but for some odd reason i just got so SO sad when he called me.

i told him that i'm having a hard time keeping my breathing even. i feel like i'm having an anxiety attack. my attitude sucks today and i am trying to keep the girls downstairs while i'm up because i don't want to get on their cases about little things and upset them. everytime the baby cries it stresses me. she's been crying all day off and on.

i knew last night when i fell asleep that today wasn't going to be the best of days. but i didn't know why.

today i feel bad for feeling bad because yesterday in church i had such a good time, and then i spent the day with my family and we watched president obama's concert. today is vacation for the girls, it will be a short week this week. so why am i just so generally unhappy?

hubby said maybe it's my hormones acting up again. i said maybe, because i could tell this morning something wasn't right when i woke up. but i couldn't pin point it so i just ignored it. it was more emotional than physical, but my heartbeat wasn't helping any. even now it's sort of racing along, and when i rest i can hear it pounding in my ears.

now i'm going to go lay down and just try to relax. i cried some so i feel better, but i still want to take a tylenol for my head and just relax a bit. i turned up the heat to knock off the chill in the air and the girls are watching tv.

hopefully the day will get better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

get me some Genesis Ethnic Body Care stuff pleeze!

in the words of my friend's husband, i repeat, "never get high off your own supply!"

this is so true.

i'm addicted to the stuff at Genesis Ethnic Body Care! i can't help it, i'm really becoming obsessed with the stuff.

i have to be real, most products would probably retail for way more than they are priced, but the idea is to be able to sell much needed body care products to the community at prices that won't break the bank and harbor results that are bonafide and truly healthy for you.

i have been using the Naomi Lip Balm, and although i don't say this--the lip balm actually calms me down. it (although cinnamom is a stimulant) just makes my entire being relax and becoming soothed. i am really feeling the scent, so much that i'm flipping my lips up towards my nose to inhale deeply.

it's working. i'm in cinnamon heaven.

and i love Naomi--she was one of my favorite moms in the Bible. =)

plus it's about 98% organic--can't beat that with a baseball bat. and for 5.00?? so worth it.

yesterday i slathered myself in the Shunammite Woman Body Butter after taking a bath in water softened by the Jochebed Bath Sachets and scrubbing down with the Queen of Persia Sugar Scrub (not listed yet on the site).

i fell asleep in about 20 minutes, smelling so good i could have just sniffed my arms all night long. plus i felt relaxed and i know everything that i put onto my body actually is good for it.

when i woke up, i twisted my locs with my Leah Hair Balm (which actually started out as a foot balm then went back to a hair balm when i tweaked it a little--not listed yet on the site), and today my locs are still in place. my hair smells like...*sigh* peppermint.

however, Rachel Foot Balm (also not listed yet) is the peppermint carrier. i am going to change the ingredients in the Hair Balm to ylang-ylang and geranium. those are two of the best essential oils for the hair. i use Leah Hair Balm in the kids hair, and on softer hair it makes it bouncy and keeps the curls, and in coarse hair it moisturizes and protects the strong coils. you can't go wrong with the stuff.

and as always, everything on me is 95-100% organic, and cost me appx. 90.00 to purchase from Genesis, but it is so worth it. in a big store it would cost well over 200.00 i am sure, and handmade by someone else, wouldn't contain 95-100% certified organic ingredients(yes baby, only USDA and Oregon Tilth certifications here).

so, on your trek through cyber space...check it out. i promise you won't be disappointed. stop putting all of those chemicals into your body through your hair and skin. infuse yourself with some old fashioned Biblical knowledge. treat yourself better. love the skin you're in. pamper you--because you're the only you you have! and God loves you just as you are, and He's given you everything you need to love yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. i'm not only saying this to hear myself speak and soup myself up about my stuff--but it really works.

if you purchase anything, just please remember to read all ingredients listed to avoid allergic reactions. since the products are all natural, that's just what they are, all natural. they have retained all of their natural characteristics and benefits, and are in their natural state upon being sold. so if you're allergic to sunflowers, then watch out for the products containing sunflower oils, for example.

as for myself, i'm loving it...trying not to get high on my own supply, because then i may not have anything left to sell to anyone else!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ugh, the heart monitor.

ok. so i was pretty cool with my heart monitor for a few hours. i mean, it didn't bother me, it wasn't too noticeable and it was interesting to look at.

but now the heart monitor (technically called a holter monitor) is being a real PITA, and i want it off!

i was able to ignore it up until about 11pm, at which time it started to itch the middle of my chest. when i got dressed for bed, i noticed it was really itching my chest.

i fell asleep on problem.

but i woke up today and i just want to rip it off! it itches everywhere, around my chest and ribcage (because it's attached at 3 different places--in the middle of my chest and under my breasts at my ribs), and i can't stand it. it's like a slow torture or something because i'm just thinking about it, getting anxious because it's irritating my skin so badly. then the nurse that put it on used some sort of tape of life tape to ATTACH it to it's sticking like i've never seen tape stick before.

i get nervous thinking about how she's going to remove this stuff from my skin. when people use the jaws of life, it just mangles everything around it. i'll probably have 3 huge white, hairless, skinless, bloodless patches throughout 2009. *gulp*

fine. i can deal with that--as long as this thing just gets removed. not to mention that the actual holter itself (i think this is what it please!) is a real pain also because the material is rubbing my skin the totally wrong way.

i thought this was so fun and cool at first, but now, i'm not so sure.

at least i only have another 3.5 hours of dealing with it--then i can go get my skin ripped apart by the tape of life!

Monday, January 5, 2009

sibling rivalry. *sigh*

my daughters are 9, 6 and 2. it seems like the older they get, the more they bicker and fuss. now i make it a point to explain to them that they are all sisters and they need to take care of each other, not argue and fight with each other, but lately this is falling on deaf ears.

the oldest bosses around the two youngest. the middle girl always argues with the oldest. the baby always hits on the middle girl, who in turn breaks out into tears. the oldest tries to stop the youngest, who then comes running to mommy crying.

this is a cycle that may briefly take a different turn of direction, but at the end of the's a cycle that continues.

and i am so exhausted from it. i still repeat to them that they are sisters, they need to help each other and not bicker, but it continues despite my efforts.

my mother says this is normal and will only get worse, especially since they are all girls.

i am not looking forward to it getting any worse.

of things related and unrelated - 1/5/09

why am i already having problems with writing 2009, when in 2008 i always accidentally wrote 2009 as the date?

the phone sex with hubby after we've had it out is always amazing. sometimes it's like the real thing.

i didn't know that flo rida has some really good songs. he always seemed too hoodish for me, but some of them i am really feeling. i also didn't know he was as cute as he is.

i've taken up the art of guppying...or raising guppies. while i've lost over 40 thus far, i have 6 that are thriving...and i am hoping they give me good offspring. is my new favorite hangout on the web. raising guppies is very relaxing and rewarding...but then again i've always loved keeping fishtanks.

my girls are loving the items they got for Christmas, and i am happy to say that they are really taking care of the things they got.

i've decided to start collecting items for hubby's homecoming. it's fun and it reminds me that we're getting nearer and nearer to this being over. some of the things i've collected for him thus far: cook books, a rolling pin, a george foreman grill (all of these items were freecycled to me), a 12 piece pot and pan set, measuring spoons. i am encouraging him to follow his passion for the culinary arts. he wants to go to school when he comes home for this very thing.

said school for hubby is 1,500.00. much to my pleasure, that is not expensive at all for an entire certification. much to my pleasure even more, i am learning that parole may very well pay for the classes. if they don't, well God will make a way. but we are going to get him into this school because much to my pleasure, they offer it right in our hometown.

i love freecycle.

i love ebay.

i love etsy.

i have been officially diagnosed as having "cooking mama" syndrome. when things are going smoothly and wonderfully...i'm delighted. but make a wrong move and my brain basically catches on fire...and i want to screech, "don't worry...mama will fix it!!!"

spanish music is suddenly extra appealing to me. perhaps it's because in less than a year i'll actually know what is being said on the songs.

i love the way the girls' bedroom is set up. the walls and curtains really bring it out.

i am supposed to be resealing a 35 gallon hexagon fishtank as a house project. i think i'm going to start tomorrow because my oscar really needs to be rehoused, and he'd look gorgeous in that tank.

i had a great time at Holy Communion tonight.

one of the biggest things i look forward to when hubby comes home is his massages. he can put me to sleep with those things. they are his way of making love to me with nothing but his hands.

Saturday, January 3, 2009 is this?!

ah, nevermind! too crazy to even talk about lol.

my dredlocs!

i am so proud of my hair for really allowing itself to get tamed into little knotty locs. hubby noted that they are getting much longer, straighter and in general more "together" looking.

good, because that ugly stage was eating at me every day.

now i only use the hair balm by genesisethnicbodycare ( to loc my hair. it does wonders for hair health and keeps my strands together longer until they loc into the rest of the hair.

i have also gotten into the habit of buying sterling silver trinkets for my hair. i've twisted already into it a dogwood earring, a fish (Christian symbol fish) charm, and some silver hoops into it. the other day i brought a toe ring and bent it around one of the locs. at our last visit my hubby noticed it because it's such a bright sterling. in the pictures you can see my toe ring twisted around my loc :)

i wanted to twist another toe ring into my hair, as well as purchase one for my pinky toe (but at this rate i'm thinking an actual ring would work best on my pinky toe)...but ugh...we'll see. every little penny counts these days as the rent is due lol.

but my locs are finally starting to brush the base of my neck. i am sending a picture to my email via my beautiful palm centro that i will scream over you can see how my hair is growing!

my plan to have yankable locs by the time hubby comes home seems to be working. i love tugging on them myself releases alot of tension in my upper body for some odd reason...sort of like a good yawn.

ok...the pictures came :)

so this is my hair as of today. it's not long enough to pull into all the styles i want...but it's getting there.

i can't wait until i can wrap them around the top of my head!

Friday, January 2, 2009 the're confused about freecyle?!

i'm really surprised and how so few people actually understand or even know about the freecycle community. i've had the link on my blog since i've had this click it!

i love's an amazing way to meet new people and get many items for yourself and others for free. i participate because i feel like i'm not only getting what i need for myself and those around me for free--but because it's such a good feeling to give, recieve and make the world a better place (i know it sounds cliche but it really works that way!)

the way it works is simple. you find a freecycle list in your community and join (just type in your county or city on then you have four commands for your emails to direct them properly to the group: wanted, offer, taken and recieved. when you are looking for an item, you head your email with wanted, and a small description of what you want, and your location (such as zip, city, or county). then you describe what it is you need and how far you're willing to travel to pickit up. if you have something you no longer need or want to give away, you title the email with offer and the same details...what it is and when someone can get it...and where they can get it from. if someone takes an item you were offering, you post an email saying it was taken, heading the email with taken. if you recieve something from someone, do your freecycle list a favor and let others know you recieved it so they won't scramble trying to get the item for you.

freecycle is an email group...we connect via email. so always have your email checking ready because you can get anywhere from 5 to 50 emails in one's alot. i have an email specifically for my frugal living...and my freecycle. it's connected to my cell phone so everytime i get an email my phone buzzes. my sister connected it for me and i am in freecyle heaven!

of course you have to be careful when dealing with strangers, but i've never had a problem. some of the great 100% free items i've gotten are:

a microwave oven (less than 2 years old)

a brand new (clearly expensive might i add) mattress and boxspring set

ikea mattresses for the kids

an ikea bed for the oldest

a coat for myself

a crib

a bouncer

a bassinet

4 boxes of baby clothes

storage bins with lids

a filing cabinet

200 pullups (those things are so expensive omg she gave me like 4 boxes of them)

the list goes on!

i also give away things...curtains, coats, clothes...anything i no longer need that someone else may be able to use.

so try your freecycle list! you know queen frugal and mrs. free would never steer you wrong! it's a great way to connect, share, clean up the earth and put old stuff to new use...all for free!

today the sun is out.

today i'm feeling better. still having my ups and downs...but i have been talking with friends and family...and doing my freecycle and craigslist...and oddly enough, that's been making me feel better.

maybe i won't run away after all.

on my way to the doctor...all prayed up and feeling pretty ok about it, got God and my angel...pray for me!