Friday, January 2, 2009 the're confused about freecyle?!

i'm really surprised and how so few people actually understand or even know about the freecycle community. i've had the link on my blog since i've had this click it!

i love's an amazing way to meet new people and get many items for yourself and others for free. i participate because i feel like i'm not only getting what i need for myself and those around me for free--but because it's such a good feeling to give, recieve and make the world a better place (i know it sounds cliche but it really works that way!)

the way it works is simple. you find a freecycle list in your community and join (just type in your county or city on then you have four commands for your emails to direct them properly to the group: wanted, offer, taken and recieved. when you are looking for an item, you head your email with wanted, and a small description of what you want, and your location (such as zip, city, or county). then you describe what it is you need and how far you're willing to travel to pickit up. if you have something you no longer need or want to give away, you title the email with offer and the same details...what it is and when someone can get it...and where they can get it from. if someone takes an item you were offering, you post an email saying it was taken, heading the email with taken. if you recieve something from someone, do your freecycle list a favor and let others know you recieved it so they won't scramble trying to get the item for you.

freecycle is an email group...we connect via email. so always have your email checking ready because you can get anywhere from 5 to 50 emails in one's alot. i have an email specifically for my frugal living...and my freecycle. it's connected to my cell phone so everytime i get an email my phone buzzes. my sister connected it for me and i am in freecyle heaven!

of course you have to be careful when dealing with strangers, but i've never had a problem. some of the great 100% free items i've gotten are:

a microwave oven (less than 2 years old)

a brand new (clearly expensive might i add) mattress and boxspring set

ikea mattresses for the kids

an ikea bed for the oldest

a coat for myself

a crib

a bouncer

a bassinet

4 boxes of baby clothes

storage bins with lids

a filing cabinet

200 pullups (those things are so expensive omg she gave me like 4 boxes of them)

the list goes on!

i also give away things...curtains, coats, clothes...anything i no longer need that someone else may be able to use.

so try your freecycle list! you know queen frugal and mrs. free would never steer you wrong! it's a great way to connect, share, clean up the earth and put old stuff to new use...all for free!

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