Sunday, January 11, 2009

get me some Genesis Ethnic Body Care stuff pleeze!

in the words of my friend's husband, i repeat, "never get high off your own supply!"

this is so true.

i'm addicted to the stuff at Genesis Ethnic Body Care! i can't help it, i'm really becoming obsessed with the stuff.

i have to be real, most products would probably retail for way more than they are priced, but the idea is to be able to sell much needed body care products to the community at prices that won't break the bank and harbor results that are bonafide and truly healthy for you.

i have been using the Naomi Lip Balm, and although i don't say this--the lip balm actually calms me down. it (although cinnamom is a stimulant) just makes my entire being relax and becoming soothed. i am really feeling the scent, so much that i'm flipping my lips up towards my nose to inhale deeply.

it's working. i'm in cinnamon heaven.

and i love Naomi--she was one of my favorite moms in the Bible. =)

plus it's about 98% organic--can't beat that with a baseball bat. and for 5.00?? so worth it.

yesterday i slathered myself in the Shunammite Woman Body Butter after taking a bath in water softened by the Jochebed Bath Sachets and scrubbing down with the Queen of Persia Sugar Scrub (not listed yet on the site).

i fell asleep in about 20 minutes, smelling so good i could have just sniffed my arms all night long. plus i felt relaxed and i know everything that i put onto my body actually is good for it.

when i woke up, i twisted my locs with my Leah Hair Balm (which actually started out as a foot balm then went back to a hair balm when i tweaked it a little--not listed yet on the site), and today my locs are still in place. my hair smells like...*sigh* peppermint.

however, Rachel Foot Balm (also not listed yet) is the peppermint carrier. i am going to change the ingredients in the Hair Balm to ylang-ylang and geranium. those are two of the best essential oils for the hair. i use Leah Hair Balm in the kids hair, and on softer hair it makes it bouncy and keeps the curls, and in coarse hair it moisturizes and protects the strong coils. you can't go wrong with the stuff.

and as always, everything on me is 95-100% organic, and cost me appx. 90.00 to purchase from Genesis, but it is so worth it. in a big store it would cost well over 200.00 i am sure, and handmade by someone else, wouldn't contain 95-100% certified organic ingredients(yes baby, only USDA and Oregon Tilth certifications here).

so, on your trek through cyber space...check it out. i promise you won't be disappointed. stop putting all of those chemicals into your body through your hair and skin. infuse yourself with some old fashioned Biblical knowledge. treat yourself better. love the skin you're in. pamper you--because you're the only you you have! and God loves you just as you are, and He's given you everything you need to love yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. i'm not only saying this to hear myself speak and soup myself up about my stuff--but it really works.

if you purchase anything, just please remember to read all ingredients listed to avoid allergic reactions. since the products are all natural, that's just what they are, all natural. they have retained all of their natural characteristics and benefits, and are in their natural state upon being sold. so if you're allergic to sunflowers, then watch out for the products containing sunflower oils, for example.

as for myself, i'm loving it...trying not to get high on my own supply, because then i may not have anything left to sell to anyone else!

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