Tuesday, June 30, 2009

organic is great!

a few days ago i blogged about organic foods being organic but we don't know exactly what constitutes organic according to their standards. that whatever they consider *organic* may not be truly organic at all.

well either way it goes, i'm hooked. i didn't have money for my regular organic 1% milk (which is delicious like whole milk) that i purchase from organic valley, so i had to settle for the regular old store brand 1% milk.

ugh. my children haven't drank any of the milk really, and this is going on day three. i'm going to have to give it to my father (along with the chicken feet and kidney organ meat that my dog Baby won't eat since starting her cooked food diet lol).

i really didn't expect there to be SUCH a difference in the taste of organic versus non organic--for sure, most of what i'm purhcasing is at least filled with WAY less chemical and antibacterial components than what i used to buy.

not only that, but i have to oddest (well what are odd to me) cravings for fresh fruit and veggies now, and cheeses and breads...instead of the typical mcdonalds and wendys. this isn't to say that i never crave those things still, because i do. but i sure enough crave alot of healthy things now too. i crave raw basil. come on...who does that except the uber healthy?!

wow. for personal reasons, this isn't only a physical change, but also a spiritual change. i'm so happy that i was able to get into changing my diet and my children's diet. not only do i feel better about myself in every way, but i've been pleasantly surprised by the tastes of foods as they are SUPPOSED to taste!

i really recommend everyone try to add at least three organic foods to their diets on a regular basis. and no matter what, strive to purchase those three foods organically from now on. that's how i started, and now i'm about to go full fledged shopping organic style for me and the girls!

hubby is gonna have to get used to this, but i'm positive he'll adapt justttt fine!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Maker's Diet.

this book is an excellent read, even for those who are not neccessarily religious but want to change the way they view their food and eating habits, and for those who want to change their way of life and eat healther, get in shape and be better for it.

i got so excited towards the end of The Maker's Diet that i went on a binge and threw away half of my kitchen. i don't really regret it--one read and you'll feel bad for eating non-organic, and feeding it to your kids, if you have any.

this book also made me revamp my mindset that i had about food before, as viewed in this post. not that i was wrong before, but i'd say more ignorant. there was a response given also to my post that i didn't quite "get" back then, but i get it now--thanks to the person that wrote me that post! now i see why pork is bad for you as well as other foods, and i understand that God's rules concerning food did not change. the only thing that did change is that now, eating whatever you want isn't a sin, but the bad for you foods still remain bad for you. you just won't go to hell for eating them.

i've decided to switch us over to a 50% minimum organic diet. this includes all dairy, fruits and vegetables. i'm aiming for all organic meats, but thus far those are expensive. for now i just try to get meats raised and prepared in the most natural, humane ways.

but what an excellent read it is...i got my copy for 99 cents off ebay *now you really didn't think i'd purchase this sucker for 15.00 new right?!* however, i've read in various places online that the author of this book, Jordan Rubin, offers free copies to those who are in financial straights but wish to obtain the information he provides.

i personally love the book. it's not gimmicky or weird and the rules really are simple and common sensical. of course those who aren't spiritually inclined will scoff at the more spiritual side of the book. and that's just fine. the rest of us appreciate his words and his relationship with God--i personally cried during a few pages.

we are making the transition to a naturally healthy lifestyle with this book and a few other resources i've obtained over time, and to be honest it's much easier than i imagined it'd be. i'm happy i'm doing it--my kids love organic 1% milk just as much as regular whole milk and the prices (which i'll blog about after my first full organic shopping experience coming up) thus far don't seem to be abnormally out of range. i paid 4.19-4.59 for a gallon of hormone/antibiotic laced milk, and now i pay 4.99 for a gallon of certified organic milk. well worth the extra few cents for the better health and piece of mind. now i feel guilty if i even think about getting my kids non-organic milk--like i'm purposefully giving them hormones and antibiotics in every cup of milk. we've even started on organic sugar (2.50 for 1.5 pounds). and that's not any fault at all of The Maker's Diet, i've been feeling this guilt trip rising in the back of my throat for a few weeks now!

i'm going to complete the book again and then just start the diet (which comes in three different phases and levels), but i'm already eating better after the first read. now i know that there's a possibility that what we eat isn't as organic as it could be, even if it's stamped by the usda as organic, but i can taste the difference in the milk that we drink now, and i can taste the difference in the sugar and the vegetables. the flavors are smoother, more robust. i noticed the milk tastes creamier and lighter. the vegetables have a sweeter, stronger taste. so i don't know if it's psychological or what, but so far we're enjoying it and i figure it has to have LESS chemicals in it than non-organic, which is always a start.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

summer bugs.

we've been fighting a horrible flu bug all month long in my home...and it seems to be either the same or getting worse--never really better.

last night i ran the baby to the ER because she had a high fever and started throwing up. now her fever is still about 102 degrees...i've been giving her motrin and it helps a lot but as soon as it wears off the fever spikes right back up.

the flu has been chasing me too. this is my fifth day of sickness and i haven't been this sick in years. at this point i'm just trying to stay down in the bed and get lots of fluid...

the older two are with my mom, we're trying to keep them from getting sick like this because it's pretty bad. my only reprieve for the kids is that this is the last few days of school so they're in relax mode anyway and don't have schoolwork and clothes to stress (yay for me too OF COURSE).

so i'm just in bed trying to relax and get better. the hubby wrote me ordering it and telling me to hurry up because he "doesnt like it when we're sicky". lol.

neither do we!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"the devil does his job. we have to do ours." ~hubby

got it right.

and it was easy! yay welcome me back to the world of phone is a newer model but for some reason it took forever to download the page before when i it's giving me no problems at all.

sooo...woohoo, go me! my beautiful blog, how i've missed thee. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

i didn't forget!

i didn't forget about my beautiful blog, i promise. there's been alot going on but i still have no computer and am trying to figure out exactly how to blog from my cell phone.

for now i will say this...

spiritual warfare is a very real phenomenon and so worth looking into. i have been growing in my spirituality and facing some difficult, metamorphosis like times, and now i notice that i am beginning to second guess, question, cry, worry...things that are so unlike me.

i know this is an attack on who i am, my spirit and all that i stand for and aspire to be, for myself, my family and my God.

but i know what i am facing; i am prepared to battle.

i'll return, just wanted to let my blog know i didn't forget about it--i think about it more than anything else when i need to express myself.