Wednesday, June 17, 2009

summer bugs.

we've been fighting a horrible flu bug all month long in my home...and it seems to be either the same or getting worse--never really better.

last night i ran the baby to the ER because she had a high fever and started throwing up. now her fever is still about 102 degrees...i've been giving her motrin and it helps a lot but as soon as it wears off the fever spikes right back up.

the flu has been chasing me too. this is my fifth day of sickness and i haven't been this sick in years. at this point i'm just trying to stay down in the bed and get lots of fluid...

the older two are with my mom, we're trying to keep them from getting sick like this because it's pretty bad. my only reprieve for the kids is that this is the last few days of school so they're in relax mode anyway and don't have schoolwork and clothes to stress (yay for me too OF COURSE).

so i'm just in bed trying to relax and get better. the hubby wrote me ordering it and telling me to hurry up because he "doesnt like it when we're sicky". lol.

neither do we!

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