Tuesday, June 30, 2009

organic is great!

a few days ago i blogged about organic foods being organic but we don't know exactly what constitutes organic according to their standards. that whatever they consider *organic* may not be truly organic at all.

well either way it goes, i'm hooked. i didn't have money for my regular organic 1% milk (which is delicious like whole milk) that i purchase from organic valley, so i had to settle for the regular old store brand 1% milk.

ugh. my children haven't drank any of the milk really, and this is going on day three. i'm going to have to give it to my father (along with the chicken feet and kidney organ meat that my dog Baby won't eat since starting her cooked food diet lol).

i really didn't expect there to be SUCH a difference in the taste of organic versus non organic--for sure, most of what i'm purhcasing is at least filled with WAY less chemical and antibacterial components than what i used to buy.

not only that, but i have to oddest (well what are odd to me) cravings for fresh fruit and veggies now, and cheeses and breads...instead of the typical mcdonalds and wendys. this isn't to say that i never crave those things still, because i do. but i sure enough crave alot of healthy things now too. i crave raw basil. come on...who does that except the uber healthy?!

wow. for personal reasons, this isn't only a physical change, but also a spiritual change. i'm so happy that i was able to get into changing my diet and my children's diet. not only do i feel better about myself in every way, but i've been pleasantly surprised by the tastes of foods as they are SUPPOSED to taste!

i really recommend everyone try to add at least three organic foods to their diets on a regular basis. and no matter what, strive to purchase those three foods organically from now on. that's how i started, and now i'm about to go full fledged shopping organic style for me and the girls!

hubby is gonna have to get used to this, but i'm positive he'll adapt justttt fine!

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