Monday, June 15, 2009

i didn't forget!

i didn't forget about my beautiful blog, i promise. there's been alot going on but i still have no computer and am trying to figure out exactly how to blog from my cell phone.

for now i will say this...

spiritual warfare is a very real phenomenon and so worth looking into. i have been growing in my spirituality and facing some difficult, metamorphosis like times, and now i notice that i am beginning to second guess, question, cry, worry...things that are so unlike me.

i know this is an attack on who i am, my spirit and all that i stand for and aspire to be, for myself, my family and my God.

but i know what i am facing; i am prepared to battle.

i'll return, just wanted to let my blog know i didn't forget about it--i think about it more than anything else when i need to express myself.

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