Friday, May 8, 2009

no computer yet/of things related and unrelated!

there's been so much going on (as usual) but i don't have a computer yet *alas*. i have to definitely try harder to at least blog once per week until i get my computer status together. i miss blogging and just destressing...i miss so much.

but on a brighter note--i'm happy to announce that at least 85% of my house is now in beautiful used condition, meaning about 85% of the things that i own have been previously used.

i know that sounds crazy, but it's really coming along beautifully and i am siked out to own so many beautiful things that others have owned before. wow...i'm realllly siked!

not to brag, but my apartment probably looks better used than half of folk's apartments look new haha.

i don't want to get into a huge blog here, but aww what the hey eh? i have a comp now so i can quickly blog.

i dyed my locs honey blonde and everyone liked them, but now there needs to be another dye job done...they are now a darker auburnish brown. blah! i wanted them as light as i could get them--platinumy! i think i'm going to go asap and buy me some more dye...hmmmmmm....

i'm still running back and forth with my doctors, although now i have to find a new endicrinologist *sp* because my last one dumped me! his receptionist said that because i haven't gone in 30 days to see him, he terminated himself as my doctor. aw whatever, i didn't like him any old way.

my dog baby is doing SO much better it's amazing! she's now taking a medrol shot in addition to ivermectin and antihistamine pills and in a month it's made such a huge difference, i can't believe it. her fur is growing back and no more itchies! she gets a medicated bath every week, sometimes 3 times a week if needed, and that's also helping. i was going to put her down last month (finally came to the decision to be brave) but at the last minute my cousin (who is a vet! i never knew it) came to the rescue with encouraging words for me. God is good to me and mine because my vet charges me about 100.00 per month for ALL of this treatment, whereas i'd be paying close to 500.00 a month with her last vet, and most others. it's still difficult to afford but we make due.

my husband was given a hit, so he will not be paroling home this summer like we prayed. but everything happens for the best and God is good, so we are happy to announce that in september of 2010 he will be home with no parole and no one to answer to. we are waiting to leave the city and move, and since he won't have to ask permission to move, we can just go without issue. that is a blessing.

we are going through a very rough patch right now however *unfortunately*. but like everything else, i am confident that all will work out in the end.

so you get to hear this mad prison wife's ramblings for another year and a half (when i get a working laptop back).

there was a woman who asked for a laptop on freecycle and got one. then a man came through and asked for one and he also received it! i posted up and asked for one and nothing yet haha. but that's ok, i have my eyes set on a new *used* dell anyway, i know what i want! :P

business would be picking up alot faster if i had a computer. hmm...but i am becoming more confident daily in my product and i believe that it will be a success. check out my website here and support me!

oh man oh man i wish i had more time to sit and catch up, but i don't :( maybe later i'll be able to come back and just sort through and post normally...but until then...

later gator!!!

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