Tuesday, July 7, 2009

organic, continued!

well i'm still enjoying the switch over to organic...alot. after shopping organic about 60% i realize that it's actually only about a 10% increase in price. it's most often like buying foods are either their regular price or at a sale price for certain items. here's a small list of prices compared for organic foods that I purchased at shoprite last week (the first price is the organic price the second price is the non organic price at the same store):

gala apples: 1.49lb/1.99lb

1% milk (shoprite brand): 4.99/4.29

purple seeded grapes: 1.99/1.49

kiwi fruit 4@2.00/4@1.00

pasta sauce 2.39/2.29

applesauce 1.99/1.99

tomatoes 2.39/2.19

cranberry juice 2.49/2.49

so the prices really aren't all that different, and there were actually some foods where the prices were cheaper for organic!

right now i'm reading up more on big companies and organic lies...thats an interesting read. thus far the only company i've blacklisted are kraft, morning star (we don't do soy foods anyway) and horizon milk...which allegations are their cows are cramped in pens and fed feed that has been sprayed with pesticides.

i know the list goes on but overall we can definitely see and taste the difference in organic and the girls and i love it. i'm not noticing any physical changes other than i feel much better overall, but i'm watching!

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