Thursday, July 30, 2009


do atheists seem to love to attack Christians (both overtly and subtly), yet they seem to be docile around believers of other religions? it just seems so one sided and lopsided.

lately i've been dealing with some atheist conversation, and although it's civil for the most part, there are alot of subtle attacks towards Christians, even when the Christians aren't attacking the atheists (not even subtly). now i could be wrong, being as i'm Christian, and biased. but i've stepped away from the conversation and went back to it, only to realize that no...we are not attacking them.

i've been to forums where there are a wide variety of religions, and in every debate, the ones who get trashed the most are the Christians. the ones who get the least respect for their beliefs are the Christians. i have to ask, is this because Christians make up a majority of the group, is it because atheists have a thing for Christians moreso than any other religion, or is it for a reason totally unrelated?

i also notice that atheists dig up more "ammo" to use against Christians than any other group. i don't see them digging around for the most minute details of other religions to use in debate. i don't see them picking apart the Koran as much as the Bible, i don't see them taking issue with Buddah as much as Jesus.

not that i am overly concerned with this, but it's just something I'VE noticed. again, i could be wrong and i make no claims to a scientific study about this.

just wondering what IS it about us Christians that rubs them so badly?

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