Thursday, August 6, 2009

of things related and unrelated ~ 8/6/09

soon i'll have back a regular laptop. then i can get back to business as usual. until then, i'm still halfway lagged out because i have to try to find a laptop to use.

hubby and i are doing wonderfully, i can hardly remember what our fallout was about.

school starts in about three weeks, it's so bittersweet. it's been one of the best summers i've had in a long time with myself, the girls and God, and now it's almost over.

i'm going to see benny hinn in september, on the 17th and 18th for his Fire Conference!

organic is still best!

don't formula feed your children. formula contains toxins that destroy neurotransmitters. if i could go back, i wouldn't have ever allowed my oldest to be formula fed.

God is good (ALL the time!)!!

i want to move to south jersey as soon as possible, the more i think about it the more excited i get about it...hmm.

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