Sunday, August 23, 2009

a new day.

i was able to move my blog to a new email address *one that i actually use* and save my blog. i was a little nervous at first with switching it and then i got very nervous when i had to hit the delete button permanently on my old blogger account. i figured that by some stroke of pure harassment from the devil, my blog would have deleted itself. but it's up and it's safe and sound, i have a new email address and it's all good! yay!

today was my second official service with my new female pastor at my church. well i and other members of our church hope she'll be our permanent pastor. right now it's 50/50, but she says she's praying to stay, and we're praying to keep her. although i am non-denominational, i go to a methodist church, and one of their protocols for the church is to switch pastors as needed. the main reasons being another church in need of a new pastor or a church starting out needing strengthening. so out of the blue, our presiding elder decided that our pastor was needed at another church, and we were left without a pastor. so in the interim, we were placed with a female pastor. now i won't lie, both services this woman had me in tears, what she preached was so simple, yet true. today i was so choked up and just full of the Word that i had to catch my breath more than once.

i will admit, it's taking some getting used to, seeing as she's the only female pastor, she's not married, and there are no reverends or bishops etc. residing in the church.

this shepard is definitely a feminine female heading a flock. albeit a small flock but we are a flock nonetheless.

i am so excited for her and for myself, because honestly i feel that because of her age, knowledge and ability she will help our church reach new heights, especially with the young. but i've had all male pastors for as long as i can remember and it's like wow--really a change.

but God tells us that we must be willing to accept change, to go with the flow, and to be willing to accept Him and His Word in many forms.

like anything new, it will take some getting used to her. but i have a feeling that when the time comes to switch pastors again, our congregation will be very sad to see her go.

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