Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ugh, the heart monitor.

ok. so i was pretty cool with my heart monitor for a few hours. i mean, it didn't bother me, it wasn't too noticeable and it was interesting to look at.

but now the heart monitor (technically called a holter monitor) is being a real PITA, and i want it off!

i was able to ignore it up until about 11pm, at which time it started to itch the middle of my chest. when i got dressed for bed, i noticed it was really itching my chest.

i fell asleep on problem.

but i woke up today and i just want to rip it off! it itches everywhere, around my chest and ribcage (because it's attached at 3 different places--in the middle of my chest and under my breasts at my ribs), and i can't stand it. it's like a slow torture or something because i'm just thinking about it, getting anxious because it's irritating my skin so badly. then the nurse that put it on used some sort of tape of life tape to ATTACH it to it's sticking like i've never seen tape stick before.

i get nervous thinking about how she's going to remove this stuff from my skin. when people use the jaws of life, it just mangles everything around it. i'll probably have 3 huge white, hairless, skinless, bloodless patches throughout 2009. *gulp*

fine. i can deal with that--as long as this thing just gets removed. not to mention that the actual holter itself (i think this is what it please!) is a real pain also because the material is rubbing my skin the totally wrong way.

i thought this was so fun and cool at first, but now, i'm not so sure.

at least i only have another 3.5 hours of dealing with it--then i can go get my skin ripped apart by the tape of life!

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