Monday, January 5, 2009

of things related and unrelated - 1/5/09

why am i already having problems with writing 2009, when in 2008 i always accidentally wrote 2009 as the date?

the phone sex with hubby after we've had it out is always amazing. sometimes it's like the real thing.

i didn't know that flo rida has some really good songs. he always seemed too hoodish for me, but some of them i am really feeling. i also didn't know he was as cute as he is.

i've taken up the art of guppying...or raising guppies. while i've lost over 40 thus far, i have 6 that are thriving...and i am hoping they give me good offspring. is my new favorite hangout on the web. raising guppies is very relaxing and rewarding...but then again i've always loved keeping fishtanks.

my girls are loving the items they got for Christmas, and i am happy to say that they are really taking care of the things they got.

i've decided to start collecting items for hubby's homecoming. it's fun and it reminds me that we're getting nearer and nearer to this being over. some of the things i've collected for him thus far: cook books, a rolling pin, a george foreman grill (all of these items were freecycled to me), a 12 piece pot and pan set, measuring spoons. i am encouraging him to follow his passion for the culinary arts. he wants to go to school when he comes home for this very thing.

said school for hubby is 1,500.00. much to my pleasure, that is not expensive at all for an entire certification. much to my pleasure even more, i am learning that parole may very well pay for the classes. if they don't, well God will make a way. but we are going to get him into this school because much to my pleasure, they offer it right in our hometown.

i love freecycle.

i love ebay.

i love etsy.

i have been officially diagnosed as having "cooking mama" syndrome. when things are going smoothly and wonderfully...i'm delighted. but make a wrong move and my brain basically catches on fire...and i want to screech, "don't worry...mama will fix it!!!"

spanish music is suddenly extra appealing to me. perhaps it's because in less than a year i'll actually know what is being said on the songs.

i love the way the girls' bedroom is set up. the walls and curtains really bring it out.

i am supposed to be resealing a 35 gallon hexagon fishtank as a house project. i think i'm going to start tomorrow because my oscar really needs to be rehoused, and he'd look gorgeous in that tank.

i had a great time at Holy Communion tonight.

one of the biggest things i look forward to when hubby comes home is his massages. he can put me to sleep with those things. they are his way of making love to me with nothing but his hands.

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