Saturday, January 3, 2009

my dredlocs!

i am so proud of my hair for really allowing itself to get tamed into little knotty locs. hubby noted that they are getting much longer, straighter and in general more "together" looking.

good, because that ugly stage was eating at me every day.

now i only use the hair balm by genesisethnicbodycare ( to loc my hair. it does wonders for hair health and keeps my strands together longer until they loc into the rest of the hair.

i have also gotten into the habit of buying sterling silver trinkets for my hair. i've twisted already into it a dogwood earring, a fish (Christian symbol fish) charm, and some silver hoops into it. the other day i brought a toe ring and bent it around one of the locs. at our last visit my hubby noticed it because it's such a bright sterling. in the pictures you can see my toe ring twisted around my loc :)

i wanted to twist another toe ring into my hair, as well as purchase one for my pinky toe (but at this rate i'm thinking an actual ring would work best on my pinky toe)...but ugh...we'll see. every little penny counts these days as the rent is due lol.

but my locs are finally starting to brush the base of my neck. i am sending a picture to my email via my beautiful palm centro that i will scream over you can see how my hair is growing!

my plan to have yankable locs by the time hubby comes home seems to be working. i love tugging on them myself releases alot of tension in my upper body for some odd reason...sort of like a good yawn.

ok...the pictures came :)

so this is my hair as of today. it's not long enough to pull into all the styles i want...but it's getting there.

i can't wait until i can wrap them around the top of my head!

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