Wednesday, September 29, 2010

well i did it!

i'ze married's official! lol. i didn't want to say anything before it actually happened (i believe in jinxing yourself)...but now that the "i do's" are all "i done's", it's cool to let the cat out of the bag. so i am officially a proverb's wife. it feels pretty good...i have to admit, better than i ever imagined it would (and i have to admit, i really loved my hair on my wedding day)! so now i can *restart* my blog off on another foot...and just move on with life! yessiree.

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FullComplexity said...


I've been slacking on keeping up with my fav blogs! I had to go back and read so I'd know what was going on around these parts!

I'm happy for you. I pray that your family continues to prosper and that God continues to bless you all.