Sunday, March 20, 2011

of things related and unrelated ~3.20.11

today i have to do my baby's hair, and that sucks because i'm just not that great at it (note: i have four daughters).

today was a beautiful day and it sucked because we had no car to go anywhere, and at only 40 degrees, it was too cold to really walk.

this weeks total coupon savings is $140. i paid $30 for $170 worth of stuff. hubby was happy. i was ecstatic.

ecobaby is getting awfully spoiled. now she will only allow 3 people to hold her: mommy, daddy and her sister.

although oldest has been diagnosed with adhd, her school is doing very little in the way of actually helping us. that sucks. and tomorrow starts another week.

hubby has a gig all this week--thank God!

i didn't know just how much Christians in jamaica party with music! i love their cd's.

purex's new crystals fabric softener: addiction. i'm definitely gonna need more coupons for them lol.

i'm researching the life of anne rice. will blog on it later.

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