Monday, November 24, 2008

when it rains, it pours.

well, my computer was stolen. and on that thing was basically my non-physical life. someone broke into my home and stole my computer. i actually know who did it, it was a dead giveaway. unfortunately you can't just point fingers and have someone arrested--there's an entire "process" that you must go through.

as if that wasn't enough--the financial doldrums have gotten to me and i am really struggling with wanting to do so many things and not being able to--it's depressing. i want to redo my house because i cannot stand looking at it anymore. there isn't anything different about it, but i just cannot stand it anymore. i went to ikea and that didn't help matters any because i saw some pieces that i really, REALLY like. *sigh* so i have to work through this little moment i'm having. it's either redo my house or cut off all of my hair. so be on the lookout for some cute shabby chic house redecorating tips from yours truly...and i will be telling you what works (and yes, what doesn't).

the husband and i have been going through our ups and downs, and i understand that it's probably my fault moreso than his--ok, it is my fault more than his. because i am being difficult to deal with. because i am upset. because i am going through alot. *sigh* i love him though, and he knows it. it's just hard for me right now. i haven't been going to visits, we haven't been speaking much on the phone...right now is a time more than any other that i wish he were home. i can't handle the stress anymore of having him not here. but i guess i can handle it--because i'm doing it. i think part of it is the fact that i'm getting cold feet about him even coming home...will blog more about it later. ha.

so i'm spending the days rebuilding my computer files from scratch, trying to remember what things i didn't save on disk and in email...and right now i'm on my old ancient desktop (7 years old woohoo), not exactly surfing the web...more like skimming it, because this thing is--old. but bear with me. when it rains, it pours, but what doesn't drown me will only make me stronger. and i AM still blessed.

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