Friday, November 7, 2008

whoooooaaaaaaa hoooohaaaaa!

alot has happened in the last week huh? LOL...i thought i would be around to post and rant and rave all about my GREAT BRAND NEW PRESIDENT, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!! BUT...i was so dizzy and knocked out from screaming and crying and clapping and jumping up and down from 11PM until 3AM on November 4th and 5th that i totally ignored my blogger :(

well, i'm back and life is good. it's funny how all of my issues seemed to dissipate the moment that man won the election.

"my gas bill isn't paid--it's ok, barack is president!", "the dog is getting sick again. it's ok, barack is president!", "business is so slow. it's ok, barack is president!"

and i mean i really feel that way. i lost my beloved coupon book the night before the election, and when barack won i said, "i lost my coupon book, but it's ok because barack is president!"

it's amazing how one man can change so many lives, including mine. i feel so blessed to have him as president, and i am SO excited for us as a collective people!

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