Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my humble abode thus far.

so here are some pictures of my bedroom, kitchen and living room.
the reason i'm posting them up is to show my personal frugality at work. with a little hard work, patience and determination a person can have a pretty comfortable place to live in on a very tight (or even nearly non existent) budget. contrary to popular belief, being frugal has many more pros than cons, and honestly it's really fun once you get into it.
everything on the bed was free, even the kitten LOL. the only thing i purchased was the frame itself for 150.00 at ikea about 6 years ago. there are at least 350.00 worth of blankets and pillows on my bed *very good quality items, including a down pillow bed and comforter woohoo*. in my living room the only thing i brought was the tv 8 years ago at 300.00 and the tv center for 50.00 from the thrift store about 2 years ago. everything else was free. in my kitchen the only thing i purchased were the 4 clear canisters with the blue tops from the dollar store at 1.00 each and the two apples from the same store at 1.00 each. there was a bunch of chaos going on because it was dinner time. but theres a plant, tea kettle, bread canister, sugar bowl, spice rack and a container with spoons in it *ok i brought the spoons, 15.00 from bed bath and beyond*.
it's really coming along and the best thing i've accomplished thus far in it is making it feel like home. yessiree, when you walk into my house, it has a nice, ahhhhh feeling to it. i've decorated my home over the years all for less than 5,000.00 altogether from the time i've moved in, i'm positive. and that includes 1,500.00 for my new carpets *which are brown but look much better in person than in the pictures*.
all things considering, i must say that the pictures really don't do my little townhouse justice.
ok, so when i first moved into my little townhouse 7 years ago i had 2 blankets, a pillow, a radio and 3 boxes of books, clothes and diapers for my girls.

now it's been a while and alot of struggle. i've written about my sick dog and the havoc she wreaked on my little spot, and how i had to move her to my moms because of the difficulties i had keeping her. i've also had to deal with a building that's not the most structurally sound in the world haha, when trucks come past everything rumbles. as the house settles, things are more than a bit lopsided and the ceilings and walls are shifting and seperating slightly. some of the materials used to make my home were discontinued and actually the cheapest money could buy. when the snow comes it has a tendency to melt into my home. when the rain comes if don't lock my windows it will splatter through the cracks and wet up the floors. i have to continuously wipe down my kitchen cabinets because the food oils stain them horribly if i don't.

despite all of these problems, my little townhouse is my home and i'm grateful for it. when i moved into it, it was just another little mechanically created house on a long block of little mechanically created houses which all looked, smelled and seemed the same. after putting a few memories and some very special things into it, my humble abode now has personality and spunk!
i am almost proud (we shouldn't be prideful) to say that most of what's in my home is preowned or brought new for under 20.00 lol. the things that cost more than 20.00 new are far and few between, and the word "new" is relative. when i got those "new" things, sure they were "new" but this was also 6-7 years ago lol.
in other words, i no longer buy anything new for more than 20.00 to go into my home except for clothing for the girls and myself. lol.

it may not be much, but it's not bad to have basically been free, eh?

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