Sunday, April 10, 2011

happy birthday!

id like to give a big happy birthday shout out to my locs! they are three years old today. :o)

time surely flew by quickly...i remember when my mom first twisted my hair into little natty sections and i had to struggle to get my hair to look anything other than a confused mess.

i remember putting little hair clips in it to give it some style.

i remember when my first loc actually was created, right at the base of my neck.

i remember wishing it were longer.

i remember wishing the front would finally loc once the back did.

i remember finally appreciating my hair length just as it was.

i remember coloring my locs for the first time.

i remember our first real argument--when they were just unruly and wouldn't listen to directions.

i remember my first compliment.

i remember my first criticism (which just happened to be by my mom--the woman who put them in. smh).

i remember those days where i wondered if natural hair was for me (i dont think i fit america's definition of beauty).

i remember not being able to wait...

until they were three years old. and here we are! i am so excited, and i love my hair. i always get compliments now and i always recommend people of color go back to their kinky natural hair.

i love my locs.

my locs love me.

happy birthday locs!

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