Monday, April 4, 2011

i did it!!!

i cooked!!! and i did it from scratch!!!

tonight were having stir fry with white rice for dinner (i can't get down with the brown rice quite yet). it came out pretty good for a first try. i even made the sauce from scratch and adjusted the ingredients a bit it came out really good! I've never been much of a cook and as we all know, i have an anxiety about botching up the recipes thus wasting food. but i put on my big girl undies, brought all of the ingredients, and gave it a shot. and the best part is (besides the fact that there is none left over) is that i didn't ruin it on my first shot.

i can even see how some people grow to love cooking. its a more relaxing and enjoyable experience than i thought.

next up on my cooking tryout list: coconut bars. sounds great. hopefully they come out tasting great.

bid me well!


HisDaughter83 said...

That looks good! It's making me hungry. LOL!

Congrats on the home cooked meal! :)

a Proverbs wife said...

thanks so much, we had it again this week! lol. i dont want to make it TOO much, the girls and hubby may start to look at me like "shes running the one new recipe into the ground already!" LOL.