Monday, March 26, 2012

now that's a happy dog!

figured i'd start the work week off with a positive post about baby, whom i haven't spoken about in a while. as most know from previous posts, baby has severe immune system depression that has led to an overgrowth of demodex mites on her body, resulting in a seemingly incurable case of demodex mange. i have tried everything for this dog and spent thousands of dollars on her in an attempt to help her heal and lead a physically healthy and comfortable life. in more recent times, loss of income has made this feat akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack, and eventually things got so bad that i contemplated putting her to sleep. she was always in pain, always scratching, always suffering from secondary infection and always one step away from misery. her only saving grace was that with a sweet heart and ever optimistic attitude, baby never let her condition get the best of her, until...

i was no longer able to keep her. she had to move in with my mother, who then, due to financial reasons, decided to sell her house here in the north and move south. when she left, she could not bring baby. and since i couldn't bring baby home, that left her living with my sister. it was ok for a while, but as the months went on, baby started to become stressed from lonliness (my sister works about 60 hours a week) and her condition began to get worse. i tried to alleviate things by bringing baby over for weekend visits and keeping up with her diet and medical regimine, but having a new baby drowned that out quickly, and eventually i found myself desperate to get my dog and myself out of this no win situation.

it was only by the grace of God that this dog has gotten a new lease on life. no one would adopt her with such severe health problems (she also has allergies) and i had no financial recourse to help her. i was praying for my pooch regularly, for her help, for my help...for some way out of this mess!

and then it came, an answer to my prayers. in december 2011, my mother called me up and said, "i'm going to come and get my granddog baby, bring her down here with me (in north carolina) and let her see a vet down here. we'll see how she does." well, it's been a month that baby has been in her new home with grandma, and from the picture i was sent, it looks like she's getting along just fine in her new home. other than an aversion to walking on dewy grass in the morning, she is taking to country life just fine. for 200.00, my mother was able to get her care that would cost well over 1000.00 here. she has also been cleared to receive a mitoban dip by her new vet, who is watching her progress on the medication. my mother reports that baby has reacted wonderfully to the first treatment, and already doesn't scratch anymore! she has a slight infection in one eye, but it is being treated too. as is visible in the picture, her fur is even growing back in! all of this in less than a month is amazing! baby's favorite place is the huge yard my mother has, and despite the house being placed just off a very busy county road (which i call a 2 lane super highway), baby is safe and knows how to stay away from it. that was a concern of mine...

but goodness! i am so relieved that baby has a new lease on life, in a new place that she loves, with family! now THAT'S a blessing!

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