Monday, June 4, 2012

martha, martha, martha!

so, i love martha stewart. well, let me correct myself. i have an ever growing admiration for martha that may be somewhat borderline obsessive. she definitely keeps me on my toes and encourages me to do my job as a stay at home mom as best i can: just two days ago, after reading the latest issue of her magazine (which i got for free via !!) and seeing a particularly pretty picture of some its-never-quite-as-easy-to-make-as-it-sounds-or-looks decoration she put in a window, i decided to clean my windows. now...granted, i only cleaned one (and got exhausted in the process), and it was the smallest window in my home (the kitchen window over the sink), but! i cleaned that window so well that martha would've certainly been proud of me. as a matter of fact, i cleaned that window so well that later in the day when i came downstairs and entered the kitchen, i got scared because i thought someone had lifted it up to break in! of course that hadn't actually happened, it was just so spotless that it LOOKED like the pane had been lifted. needless to say, my window certainly looks good enough to have a cameo in martha's awesome magazine with all of the other perfectly pictured windows.

my admiration for all things martha is growing at the speed of light. i've now found her show on tv, and i watch it in my morning lineup. she's funny, because her OCD always kicks in on her guests, but she's always very proper about it. i always giggle at and now look forward to her interrupting guests to move on to the next tidbit of info in her oh-so-martha way. i LOVE the way she always loads her guests up with freebies! i also got a recipe for a cake on the show. one that looked so easy to make and delicious when it was done that i'd wondered where i'd gone wrong at not learning how to bake from the womb. of course, i won't be making the cake, but she certainly made the baker in me stir, if only for five brief minutes.

one thing she did teach me, that i will be using from now on, is to think outside of the box, and to not be afraid to experiment (especially with foods--which im always terrified to do). the other day, i had crackers with cream cheese, ham and olives. that's something i would have NEVER thought to eat. but i tried it (thank you martha) and it was pretty good! im even considering experimenting with making homemade breads.

hmph. i am now a martha stewart fan. i have learned to make soil healthy, make no knead pizza dough, and how to make clam soup. whether or not i will ever put these things to regular use in my life remains to be a mystery, but i do feel like martha would certainly approves that i've learned.

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