Saturday, August 2, 2008

it seems i'm always sick.

hmm. i wonder how is it that i'm the only person i know that gets one type of sickness right after another, back to back.

i've always been a *sickly* child, but as i got older, my immune system seemed to be getting stronger--or so i thought.

here i am tonight, feeling a cold coming on! and i am JUST getting over an ear canal infection in my right ear and what felt like the beginning of an ear canal infection in my left ear. i actually can't lay on my right side still because it's still achy and draining. and here i getting a sore throat, stuffy nose, and all around *achy* feeling.

hubby told me, "you are the only person i know that honestly gets more than 20 colds per year". it's no fun i tell ya--because it does happen often, but only for like 1-2 days. i don't know how long the average cold lasts, but i know mine seem pretty short, albeit severe.

so i'm still sick. this is hindering business progress, as i'm doing everything myself, and well...if i'm in the bed aching i can't be up like a mad scientist creating new breakthroughs in my business!


it's always something.

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