Tuesday, August 26, 2008

of things related and unrelated - 8/26/08

i have decided to start blogging more often because i tend to lose myself in the blogosphere and then have a difficult time gaining myself back.

i am really loving my hair these days. it's growing out and longer, and now it's starting to look defined.

school starts in one week. and i am so not ready.

my hubby and i have decided that we can pull these last 11 months, but it is going to break our behinds. we are tired and want prison to be over with already. but today, we have decided that this time is nothing compared to what we've done.

i paid off my subscription to figure magazine. I LOVE FIGURE MAGAZINE! yay--another year of beauty--full figure style!

i got a 10.00 off coupon for my kid's school clothes--2 days after i brought them. i am going to see if i can get my 10.00 back by going to the store to present the coupon.

i really missed reading some of my favorite blogs. having a life outside of the i-net can so suck at times.

the business is coming along beautifully. i am basically ready to start. now time to learn about marketing techniques for the small business world!

it's already 2:30 pm. where does the time fly?

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