Saturday, August 30, 2008

paranormal romance.

ok, anyone who knows me knows that i am a romance novel freak. so i recently joined eharlequin to purchase novels, and i have to admit, it's my newest obsession.

they sent me two free books from their nocturne lineup...and i enjoyed them. so i went off and purchased 7 more.

now WHY did i do that?

i don't know if it's just me being so stressed out and cranky from my aunt flo visiting, or if i'm already wanting my own romance novel to commence from HOMECOMING on with my husband, or if i just find these novels lackluster because the plots are so corny or overworked...but i cannot stand this new wave of romance authors.

the novels aren't holding my attention. maybe i'm just not into paranormal romance. ugh. and now, i'm stuck with basically 7 books that i purchased that i don't even want to read. but they are MY books--which means i'm stuck with them! *sigh* that's fine.

for my next order, i'm keeping it sweet and simple, with what i like. contemporary romance or historical.

they also have that athena force lineup that sounds so good and the nascar lineup...which has covers that i just love to look at. definitely gonna have to purchase a few of those bad boys, even if they are like 5.00 each.

yes, i judge books by the cover--especially romance novels.

yeah, i'm sticking to what i know. if i read one more overdone, overdramatic, crickety, poorly written plot paranormal romance, i'm going to have to bust harlequin in the head to the white meat.

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