Friday, October 23, 2009

my locs thus far.

here are my locs thus far. they are about 1.5 years old now, and i dyed them red this summer but it's cooled off to a soft brownish color. my roots are dark brown and because i don't want to dye my hair anymore, i'm letting them just grow out. yes it looks a mess when i don't twist my hair but i try my best to keep it twisted now lol. at least until the dark brown grows out a few more inches!

when i took these pictures i was blow drying my hair and clipping it *as seen in picture two*. now it's starting to become a hassle to twist my hair because it's getting longer and heavier, but i work my way through it faithfully. my hair is finally reaching the nape of my neck and i love it lol, that's my proof that it's actually growing and not just sitting there doing nothing. :p

on the left side of the last picture that whitish ball in my hair is actually a sterling toe ring that i twisted into my hair. one of the reasons i don't want to color my hair again is because of the discoloration that happens to the jewelry in my hair. my dogwood flower is stained a dark gray color and it hasn't turned back to silver yet :(

i almost can pull my hair into a ponytail at the nape of my neck! hopefully by the time hubby comes home they'll be at least another 4-5 inches long. wishful thinking i know but anything is possible!


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

NUH UH!!! I've never met a lady with dreads before! OMG! LOL so it doesn't feel funny to sleep on? How in the world does one keep the hair from untwisting? You've got jewelery in there? THAT IS SO COOL. :)

a Proverbs wife said...

lol, it feels fine to sleep on, like regular hair haha, or more like a bunch of tiny ponytails.

locs stay in because hair that is naturally kinky twists into tight little twists and gets permanently tangled together. it's actually amazing to see it happen because at the roots it's not loc'ed, but about 1/5 of the way down it begans as a very tight twist and then grows into the loc.

some of my jewelry has loc'ed in--or the hair twisted around the jewelry and as the hair tangled the jewelry got tangled in, some of the rings are on my locs like you'd slide a ring on your finger, so they can be removed.

i have a turtle, a bell, a dogwood flower, a cross and Jesus fish *the WWJD kind* and about 4 toe rings in my hair right now. oh, and every loc in the front of my head has a sterling silver thin ring *like the kind that hold bracelet clasps to the bracelet* on about 10 in all. i just add jewelry as i find it--it's pretty nice to start a little collection i think.

they don't untwist because they are so tangled *the hairs* that they can't untwist. you have to cut them out... :o !