Tuesday, October 20, 2009

of things related and unrelated - 10/20/09

i realized today that the couple across the street from my mom is one of my idol marriage couples. they have been together well over 30 years, they have one son who speaks 4 languages, and they truly love each other. i am sure they have problems because my mom and i witnessed one such time, but they worked through it wonderfully and looking at them today you'd have to wonder if they have any problems at all! she is a secretary i believe (or she may not work anymore) and he is actually my mechanic. they live a simple but really close knit and content life, the kind of life i am building with my own husband and children. they truly look good together and i was surprised to learn that both of them were nearing 50. mainly because she looks to be in her mid 30's and he looks about 40 at the MOST, and that's pushing it. geesh, i wonder why i never noticed how much i respected and admired them before?

i brought home two new foster kittens! welcome to juicy and pippin! they are each about 5 weeks old, juicy is solid black and very playful while pippin is a brown tabby with a fat lions face and a laziness to him that's adorable.

i need to get back to cutting coupons asap, especially since work has dwindled down to nothing and my last bit of unemployment bennies were used two weeks ago.

i have been trying to quell a growing migraine for the past two days, but it's increasing in intensity. today was a stressful day of waiting around and that just aggravated the condition. i am going to take some advil tonight and really hope that i can get a hold of it.

i am totally in love with ricola's lemon herb and original herbal cough drops. wow. i ate almost an entire package yesterday and fell asleep flat on my back. i am sure the herbal mixes had something to do with it, because i slept like a brick.

flea season is still outrageous, despite the sudden drop in temperatures. usually 30 and under degrees keeps them under control, but lately big ole bugged out looking fleas have been popping up here and there on the cats.

mosquitoes are still buzzing in my mom's backyard too at the rate of 1 million per square inch. what's up with that?

i have finally given in and decided to find a school for the baby to attend. however i haven't found one i liked yet so for now, my baby is still at home.

i am getting the baby itches. yesterday i went to kmart and accidentally happened upon the baby aisle and my eyes got wide and misty. awww.

not. i am NOT ready for another child....yet.

freecycle is going great. i just picked up 3 bags of clothes that were unneeded any longer and most are in great condition for my nephew and myself. i wasn't able to get the kids anything they could really use out of the bags. maybe next time!

i have been considering trying my hand at guppy breeding again. i did it briefly during the summer with poor results, but i am positive that's because the stock i started with wasn't quality grade. i got them from a pet shop and while they were pretty, they had some visible flaws and i am sure they weren't as strong as breeder couples should be.

i want to get whitney houston's newest cd and all of mary j. blige's cd's. i have been after them for quite some time now.

i am preparing for a breakthrough. i can feel it. i have no other choice but to go UP from here. my situation right now is very difficult financially and i am going against my human nature to worry. it's not so easy, but i keep telling myself what the Bible says. and it's working. i am feeling up and down, but more up than down.

i never realized how old the old school cartoons (scooby doo, tom and jerry, bugs bunny, etc.) looked until today while watching some oldies with the girls.

what am i going to feed my family for dinner? i can't wait until hubs is home to cook for us!!!

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