Saturday, September 13, 2008

as a sidenote.

i have to admit, i have a very soft spot in my heart for john mccain. i really like him as a person, i think he is a very good man, and i pray that he is blessed continually.

why am i such a softie for him? personally, i believe that he hasn't gotten to live the way he wanted to, hasn't done the things that he truly wanted to do as a person, a son, a man, a husband, a father, a public figure. he's been a puppet for others--from his father to his wife (that plastic faced cindy) the GOP--for as long as he's been alive.

i feel bad for him because he's lived his life for everyone else, never being able to do the things that he TRULY wanted to do. no one should have to revolve their entire life around the needs of others, everyone should be able to enjoy their lives as they see fit, because it is theirs and theirs alone. i believe that he never learned how to say no to others, how to put a limit on the control he gave others over him. that more than likely developed as a result from his father's influence over him from a very young age.

so i have to admit...i really do have that soft spot in my heart for john. sometimes i wonder if he wishes things could have been different concerning his life. i hope that he is at peace with how he lived and is living, i hope that he has found peace with himself and his decisions over the course of the years...and that he has no regrets.


Leota2 said...

How kind you are . . .
I see John McCain in a different light.

I see him as the privileged scion of a military family who tossed away a good education because he knew he could get a pass and jump ahead of the smarter more talented Academy grads and fly and crash MANY planes.

I see him as the man who deserted his loyal wife when she was gravely injured, had gotten too fat and no longer looked good on his arm.

I see him as grabbing a rich YOUNG wife who could get him what he wanted in politics, played around on her (allegedly) and didn't notice when she became an addict from her involvement in HIS Keating 5 scandal and neglect and abuse. The man called her a c*** in front of reporters. What do we think went on at home?

I see John McCain as a man who uses his POW status to try to make Americans forget he is all hat and no cattle----and that is reprehensible.

I don't believe John McCain ever had honor--( I believe that was an illusion) but if he did-- it fled when he started using the same team that vilified his daughter and dubbed him as insane in 2008 --to try to destroy his opponent.

honeyindigo said...

thanks leota for your comments.

everyone is entitled to their opinions...

he's no worse than any other politician in my eyes...but what's sad about HIS story is that i don't believe he's ever TRULY wanted to be involved in most, if not all of of what he's found himself knee deep in since a child. his behaviors and actions all stemmed from his being puppeted around by everyone else--especially his father, who seems to have caused the worst damage. add that to the PTSD he's certainly suffered as a POW, and man. that's a shame.

thanks for your commentary does give another viewpoint, and i can't hate on that.

honeyindigo said...

as a sidenote...can't fault the man for being exactly the product his environment trained him to be.

Leota2 said...

honey indigo . . . .

What you say is probably true about the origins of McCain's emotional life. . . .

But, isn't it the test of an evolved human to say nothing of a public servant--- to attempt to get past our histories and dysfunction to be the best we can be? I guess I fault him for loss of integrity in the phase of his life when integrity is sometimes all you have that is real.

Of course with that said . . . Both of our points become circular.

By the way---I like your Blog!

honeyindigo said...

thanks so much leota for your comments and reading :)