Monday, September 15, 2008

finally, going to the gym.

if anyone has read...this current post is a follow-up to this post that i made a while back concerning my purchase of weight loss pills versus the gym membership card to use the treadmill.

well i got the card, thus me being able to go to the gym four times per week. oh ye of little faith in myself, because not only did i get the card and start going to the gym, but i never lost the desire to go in the first place!


even though i haven't blogged about it at all...i've started faithfully going to the gym four times per week. i walk two miles at three miles per hour and i usually don't do an incline because i don't want very muscular legs. just a slight incline at about three inches.

tonight my mom said she noticed i was losing weight. my hubby has remarked also that when he hugs me he noticed i'm getting smaller. the girls still have "mommy's belly" jokes but they usually get hit with the "you came OUT OF THIS BELLY SO IT'S your belly too!" and that quiets them down for a few seconds until they can't help but to bust out laughing as they run out of the room. so two out of five ain't bad huh. LOL.

i personally am not noticing any weight loss, but then again usually those trying to lose hardly ever do until it's substantial. i also don't feel any healthier or lighter or more's odd. i've been walking for about three weeks now...going on a month.

what i do appreciate about the time at the gym is that it's my personal time. i brought a mp3 player off ebay (for 30.00--talk about frugal!) and it has been one of my best purchases from there. it helps me relax while i walk. if i don't listen to music then i watch CNN or MSNBC while i walk, and argue with the tv for the forty-five minutes to an hour that i'm there.

all in all, i never thought i would say this, but i am REALLY enjoying going to the gym. i only have eleven months to get it together for that sexathon coming up!

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