Saturday, September 13, 2008

my locs and i...with pictures!

ravyn wanted me to show her a picture of my i had my 6 year old hold the camera, aim and click a few pictures. these two came out the best. while i think that a recent bout of stress is stunting the growth of my hair in general, i think that my hair looks more like locs now than ever and i have noticed SOME length to them. i twist them myself, and these locs were not started with totally kinky hair--the last 2 inches of each loc is relaxed *yes, RELAXED* hair, and yes that loc'ed as well :) i cut the ends of a few locs to remove the relaxed hair, thinking it would make a huge difference--but it didn't. so i don't plan on cutting them until my hair is well below my shoulders...which at this rate will take me about another four years LOL.

anyway...those are my boos...i love them so much. in the second picture in my hair is a sterling silver dogwood flower earring that i won off ebay. a famous designer handcrafted it--i forget his name though LOL. to me, it's a symbol of the cross which Christ was crucified on, so it's special to me. it's loc'ed into my hair, so i don't have to worry about it coming out. the second picture is the top of my little ponytail--i can gather up my locs now to make a little bush ponytail. i can't wait until i can wrap them around my head. patience, patience...i know i know! in the first picture you can see much better the ends of my locs...which are relaxed, but will not untwist.

as i come across little items, i'll add them to my locs. soon it'll be like my very own charm bracelet in my hair. LOL.


Ravenslove said...

They are so beautiful girl. I think they look awesome. Can't wait to see them grow.

honeyindigo said...

thanks lol. at first i had to get used to them (like everyone does with a new hairstyle), but FINALLY they are starting to fall correctly and stay in place. my hair was really unruly for a while there LOL.