Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i was having a pretty good day until the kids (and my nephew) came home...and now i feel overwhelmed. my hubby has been calling me, and ugh. i screwed up with that. he wouldn't call, i would have the phone by me. he would call, for some odd reason or another, the phone wouldn't be by me. i know he is pissed. the dog is sick, she is really having a bad episode of the itches. her skin is raw and her face looks like she got into a horrible fight. it is so hard to get her medicine and it is so hard for me to put her to sleep. i am still struggling with that. the kids are downstairs arguing over a hot dog. i gave everyone one...but...seems like one apiece wasn't enough. the baby is in tears, my oldest daughter is extremely loud, the middle girl is begging for everything she sees, and my nephew is just being a boy. i had a great day with a friend that i met online, and it just seems like everything came crashing down at once.

i want to go to sleep. i am so upset, i just want to sleep away the rest of this day. but something is telling me that if i close my eyes, the house will probably go up in flames.

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