Monday, June 16, 2008

my old job.

i've always likened myself to the old fashioned housewife: i am perfectly happy barefoot, pregnant, and nursing twins while my husband works to bring home the bacon so i can fry it up in a pan. i love catering to him, love being the woman that he knows will have his food ready, his bath hot, his bed made, and his twat clean. i am not a feminist and i believe that beyond being treated with respect, most women need to shut the hell up and get back into their homes so they can raise their kids properly.

BUT, i have to say...i miss my old job. i miss it with a passion. i only worked 15 hours a week (which was beyond enough for me), but i made 20.00 an hour, so it sort of worked out pretty well...i had enough money to pay the monthly bills with (surprisingly -- yes i did. i am THAT frugal). and i had coworkers (all female), that i could actually not only stand, but wouldn't mind going out with after work. i never would have thought i'd ever say "i miss working" (because i despise working 40 hours a week for anyone else, i dread waking up in the mornings to leave the comfort of my home and family to stare someone else in the face, and i hate work clothes...i'd much rather be making my children breakfast, ironing my hubby's clothing, and vacuuming the carpets), but here i am saying it. i miss my old job, i miss my old clients, i miss my boss. i miss my sunny office and my printer. i miss it all. i even miss my sickening supervisor, who was miserable and did her very best to make us all miserable at every waking chance she got. i wish i could give her a hug.

i wish i could go back to work. just for those 15 hours a week.

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