Sunday, June 15, 2008

a few small comparisons.

i've decided to keep a list of some purchases that i've made over the last year, and the cost of the item brand new when it first came out, or currently. this will hopefully encourage others to bargain shop and i know it will encourage me to continue. the new price is what i have googled and it's current cost. the price in parenthesis is the retail value of the product when it first hit the market. my price is the actual amount i paid for it (including any shipping and handling):

kodak easyshare c340 5.0 megapixel digital camera - new: 85.00 (250.00). my price: 37.00.

bissel proheat carpet cleaner - new: 199.00 (199.00). my price: 110.00.

brother mfc210 4 in 1 printer - new: 122.00 (250.00). my price: 50.00.

skin of color: a comprehensive guide to african american...(book) - new: 24.00 (24.00). my price: 1.00

huggies baby wipes - 80 ct. 2.99 (2.99). my price: 0.75

lady speed stick 24/7 deodorant - 3.49 (3.49). my price: 0.03

colgate toothpaste - 3.49 (3.49). my price: 0.03

colgate manual toothbrush - 1.25 (3.00). my price: 0.03

dell inspiron e1505 - 600.00 (1,700.00). my price: 500.00 (this was when it was valued at 1,700.00--i got it at 2 months old).

my entertainment center - 275.00 (450.00). my price: 150.00

my recliner - ?? (875.00 new) my price: 200.00 (it was brand new when i got it)

my loveseat - ?? (900.00 new) my price: 100.00 (it was nearly brand new when i got it).

these are just some of the things i got or get on a daily basis...i know there's a ton of other things. i am currently eyeing the brand new 1,900.00 kirby on ebay for 399.00...i may go on and splurge. that thing is truly worth it!

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