Sunday, June 29, 2008

the rain.

today i am super busy. as it happens to be, alot of the business that i have to take care of (mainly house chores), needs to be done outside of the house. so i'm in the laundromat drying clothes, and it's beautiful outside. suddenly, it starts to problem. it will pass.

well after 15 minutes, it didn't pass, and i was done with that load of clothing. running short on time for the other chores, i make a mad dash for the car (which isn't so mad with 3 loads of neatly folded clothes!)...i get help from a nice lady, but we both get semi soaked in the process (miraculously she threw her umbrella over my clothing so they were spared). i laughed it off, thanked her, and got into the van and pulled off. i turn the corner, and the rain stops. ok...

next stop is the hair store so i can pick up some bows and barettes for the kids. i get out the car, it's starting to rain again, i get sploshed with a few drops, not an issue...i make it in, and as i am looking through the bows to pick pretty ones, the rain comes down again...storming! fine...i just got wet, a little more water won't hurt me. so i pay for my purchase, and the cashier tells me in her heavily accented asian voice, "no get wet out! no get wet!" i laugh, tell her i won't, and make another mad dash for the car (this time it was mad). i get in, even more wet, but smiling at my mad dash. as i pull out of the lot...lo and behold...the rain stops. ok...

next stop is back home to pick up diapers for the baby. it's storming as i pull in front of the door. ok. do i want to get out, make a mad dash? or do i want to wait for it to stop? it's pouring down so hard i can't see outside of the car windows. and i have a sore throat. ok fine. i'll wait three minutes, it should stop, since it's been stopping and starting all day...and when it lightens, another mad dash to the house!

my plans were foiled as three minutes ticked by and the rain got WORSE, not better. "fine" i sighed...that mad dash will have to be a super mad dash because it is REALLY wet! fineeeeee. i jump out, keys in hand, house key ready to attack the door...and....MAD DASH! i almost trip, i can barely see, and the rain is POUNDING on my head! i make it to the door, slam the key into the lock, twist hard, and twist, drip, and pant my way over the threshold. i'm soaked!

not an issue, it's just water. my mood is surprisingly light over all of this. as i wipe off my feet to walk over the carpet, i hear the rain lighten up suddenly. i go over to the window and peek through the blind. the rain suddenly stops, and the sun blares through the clouds, a ray coming to a halt right at my chest. not even 30 seconds after that last dash, the rain stops, the sun is out.

i smile and thank God for the day, and the joke. the game the rain played with me helped me to realize...i sometimes take life WAY too seriously.

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