Wednesday, June 18, 2008


well, i did it. i finally redid my resume for posting up for small part time jobs. i am going to continue on with my body care business, but i am running out of money pretty quickly and will need to supplement my income soon, because i can't continue to support the entire household, including the animals and hubby AND do a business of this small income, which is actually nearing it's end within the next 90 days.

so here i am. looking for a small part time job. the minimum i can afford to take is 12.00 an hour, my last job paid almost 20.00 an for me to go down to like 10.00 an hour for the same work won't happen. i am just looking for a part time gig that is paying me at least 15.00 an hour if it is a degree required job. because of the way my lifestyle and household is set up, making over 25k but under 45k per year will be disasterous for me. i need to make either under 25k or over 45k to really be alright. wierd i know, but true.

i will continue to tweak my resume for potential job offers as neccessary. i am also forwarding my resume to an old coworker as she is the director of a daycare center in town that may seek to hire soon. either way, she's a great person and contact to have on my side.

we'll see how this works out. i am soooooooooo not wanting to go back to work. but 4 hours out of my day, i can do. i don't mind that at all.

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