Monday, July 7, 2008

an easy rice recipe.

i made this haphazardly and it came out great...the kids and i ate the whole pot (my cousin helped us). i also liked it because it reminds me of my hubby and his family as well (his aunt made this for me first).

1 part rice

2 parts water

2 tablespoons margarine or butter

salt to taste

2 packets of goya adobo (the orange packet that seasons and colors food--this is to make the rice yellow)

if you prefer, you can just buy yellow rice already packaged and ready to cook. that's more expensive than just making your own yellow rice from scratch.

next comes the veggies and meats. i just cut up whatever i had on hand, like my hubby's aunt told me to do.

1/2 large bell pepper

1/2 large red onion

1/4 lb of salami cubes (ham also works, so does pepperoni. yesterday i used chiorzio (sp)...a type of spanish meat)

2 large eggs, scrambled

cook the rice as you normally would, and when it is done, mix in all of the above ingredients, cover it tightly, and allow the steam to cook the extra ingredients for 10 minutes. it will soften the veggies and meat, and bring out the flavor in the eggs.

you can serve the rice with another meat or vegetable or eat it plain (that's how we do!).

you can add or subtract as much of the ingredients as you like to suit your taste. you can also experiment with different ingredients, such as yellow onions, bean sprouts, luncheon meats, peas, garlic, red peppers, etc.).

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