Monday, July 7, 2008!

i am so addicted to the website i LOVE it. i can never get enough of it.

my mailbox is always overrunning with freebies, 75% of which come in GOOD use. one time, i was super bloated and got free gas x strips...they helped. then the free snacks go on trips with the kids and i. i love the free pads, because i can stash them in my purse on the go. not to mention free bookbags, shirts, sunvisors, magnets (which hold up visit pictures from the prison beautifully on our fridge), diapers...i love it!

i suggest always using a great virus program whenever you click on the links, some sites have adware and spyware that follow you to collect information on how you like to shop online. i have never had much of a problem, but in the past had to clear one or two off my system.

also, to do this you need patience. i just spent the last 2 hours ordering about 20 new items! some sites are so cool, you wind up reviewing the entire site and you get sidetracked!

i signed up for their free email, which i love, because the guy james is so supercool, and the email has lots of useful info in it.


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