Monday, July 7, 2008

my locs today.

today i really enjoyed my locs. i mean, i really enjoyed them.

i think this is due partly because they are finally starting to loc, without me needing to retwist them constantly. july 10th will make my locs exactly 3 months old, and yes, they ALL are quite indeed either loc'ed or well on their way to being loc'ed. as i mentioned in a previous post, my locs are now all very difficult to get out, and it's safe to say that the back is fully loc'ed up.

they are still only about 4-6 inches long, depending on the loc. some of them i have cut mercilessly because the ends are still relaxed (but can you believe that some of the relaxed parts are knotted too?!). they are really growing out nicely, finally, but my roots are super frizzy. so i am always twisting still, but it's good to be able to twist by choice, instead of HAVING to. now, i only have about 3 or so locs that are still giving me trouble (aka they are loc'ed in the middle but not on the ends nor towards the root). every other one is basically a go.

i am also starting to become more comfortable with my locs. i don't mind letting them hang or clipping them up, or putting on a pretty headscarf with them twisted into it.
i also have to admit, water in my hair is now my best friend! i LOVE to take showers and let my hair get drenched. when i wore chemicalized styles or weaves, it was my worst nightmare to have my hair get wet! now...i love, and encourage, water to get all in my hair. it feels so good, it cleanses my hair naturally, AND on top of it all, it keeps my hair soft! who woulda knew?!

well i'm off to play in my hair and get some sleep.

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