Monday, July 7, 2008

pondering blogs.

i wonder, if you post continuously about the same thing on your blog, day in and day out, does that make you obsessive about that topic? does it make it so if some of your readers feel that you obsess over that topic, because it's all you talk about? does it change things if your blog is a "diary" type blog versus a "category specific" type blog?

i wonder, if you have a blog like mine, one with no rhyme or reason, just saying what you feel at that particular time about what's on your mind or happening in your life at that particular time, is it safe to say that your life is like that? no real rhyme or reason, just going through the days as they come, and reacting to your experiences according to the way you feel at that moment? no real "planning" or "organizing" what you're going to say? because you don't plan on your blog, is that indicative that you don't plan adequately in real life?

should you post on your blog for the pleasure of others, or yourself? if you are posting a "diary" type blog, but it has the "feel" of being more created to attract the audiences' eye, does that make your blog a sham? not authentic? does it mean that you "ramble" to cater to everyone else, versus yourself?

if you read a blog full of fancy vocabulary that's not saying a dang on thing really when all is said and done, is it safe to say the blog author is the same way? what about if a blog is relatively simple reading but it says alot? is the author like that? is it safe to say that a blogs wording is reflective of it's author? is this always the case, or just sometimes, depending on the blog/author mood? do some people make their blogs super fancily written, only to "dumb down" when they are no longer writing on their blog? do some people do the opposite? write their blogs simply enough, easy reading, but in real life are really complex people that are more complex than the most complex words and thoughts? is my blog a "baby blog" or a "big reader" blog? do i care? should i care, since this blog is my "diary" of sorts? should i want more readers, or should i just be here in my own little space, marveling that i only get about 10 hits per day, which would make my blog basically a nothing in bloggerspace?

these are just some random questions that i always think about as i read through some blogs. sometimes, i have to stay away for a few days from certain blogs (and i am not saying my blog doesn't deserve to be stayed away from--but it's MY blog so i'm here as often as i like to be) because it just seems that the message, while not always negative or positive, is always redundant, and sometimes too much of one thing isn't good. and i have to wonder about the author of those blogs. is this just an outlet to release steam built up by that particular topic, or does this topic engulf their every fiber? then in the same breath, sometimes i go to certain blogs all the time because the message IS redundant, and i feel that those blogs keep me on my toes about certain things that should be redundant in my life. they teach me alot about the same subject. i am often drawn to these blogs because i see that my real life is sorely lacking some good knowledge about the area. now the odd thing is, two blogs on the exact same topic, saying the exact same thing, can elicit totally different responses from me. one blog i can be glued to like a bee to honey, the other one, like a roach to a can of raid. and i find that odd myself, especially if the blog is talking about the same thing.

i also find it odd how some blogs emulate each other. i even asked myself, "is there some secret blogger society that i don't know about?" because some blogs seem to post about the exact same topic on the exact same days for the exact same length of time. odd. i then wonder about blogs that post daily and get no hits, and the blogs that post sometimes once every two weeks, if that, but never dissuade a pretty large reading group. i wonder about alot concerning blogs, i don't know why. should i care why? hehe. i dunno. but i do think about it. i am certain that as i become more accustomed to blogging, and am not so new to the scene, these questions will eventually dwindle.

but for now, whatever the reason (or lack of), i am always pondering blogs it seems.

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